We provide custom therapies for the prevention, healing and management of chronic and debilitating disorders.


How We Help

We apply non-toxic modalities to elicit healing by supporting the body’s self- correcting nature.Learn More

Working Together

Arrange an onsite or online consultation where we develop a natural protocol to bring your health into balance.Learn More

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Knowledge is key to health and healing. Our blog provides a wealth of information on the key disorders and diseases we work with.Learn More

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What Clients Say

With Harry, I have found a practitioner able to see me and respect my health as a phenomenon of the whole. And more importantly, he is able to trace health issues to the root of their occurrence and, in so doing, bring the whole of my person into greater balance and health.
R. George, Chronic Fatigue
I am absolutely certain that the protocol Harry gave me to follow was the reason I did so well during chemotherapy. I am glad I followed his advice and will continue to do so as my health continues to improve. “
V. Wells, Breast Cancer
I had recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was looking for something other than conventional therapy. Talk about relief. Harry’s work has been critical in keeping me on track and moving in the right direction.
D. Williams, Prostate Cancer