I am sure I will get a boost in publicity from this article although that is not the intention. The intention is to get things to work better in a particular area – SEX. Most stuff you see under the title Sexual Tonic or Aphrodisiacs are basically irritants to male and female genitalia. Spanish Fly, Cocaine and Yohimbe, would fall into this category. Not the way to go. This stuff will just burn you out. My kind of Afrodisiac feeds the sexual organs. These kinds of Aphrodisiacs works through hormonal enhancement, increased vascular circulation to the periphery, improved production and use of neurotransmitters, hormones, ( i.e. Dopamine )and a general overall strengthening and improved coordination of all systems. I be taking about Adaptogens.

I have written and spoken about this category of herbs multiple times. Serious scientific research did not begin until the 1940’s in Russia. The U.S. did not even begin until sometime in the 70’s. Also a lot of the data (actually practiced on humans ) is not considered acceptable by the U.S. scientific community. Definitely a weakness in our information model. What the Russians realized early on through their study of panax ginseng was that it did many of the things that old herbal asian texts said 1.e. increased endurance and general stamina( physical and mental) under all stressful conditions, increased fertility rates among farm animals, increased sperm counts in men ( Raising testosterone levels ) ect( the list is long). In order for anything to do this, it has to reach deep into our system, deep into both the central hormonal axis , which is basicly our endocrine system ( adrenal, thyroidal, pituitary,hypothalamus) and the central nervous system, both of which are the hard frame controlling systems in our body. If you can reach that deep you can affect very distal problems because both of these systems affect everything in our body. They re-right all the messenger molecules to give the right messages to the cells. This is a big, big deal. This class of herbs are key in both healing a problem or increasing the general capacity of a healthy person. I use this class of herbs widely in general and mucho in the area of sexual enhancement and or infertility. They increase desire and response by balancing and feeding our systems. Presently there are about 30-35 known adaptogens. Some abnoxiously expensive, but many of the lesser known ones , which are excellent also, are much cheaper. Now from a practitioners standpoint, the different kinds of adaptogens have different personalities. An example would be Asian ginsengs. There are multiple types of ginsengs. Asian ginsengs run hot. In general they are too pushy for Americans. We are already too frantic. American ginseng or Siberian ginseng are far better choices.

There are a second class of herbs which are more directional and are not considered adaptogenic, but are considered tonics. There affects are not as broad, but in the area’s that they are known historically, they are solid. These are herbs like Tribulus, Eucommia, Epimedium. These herbs are much more direct and quite strong also. Herbal combining is definitely an art form, because the formulas and amounts in formulas changes from person to person. Tonics tend to be warm to hot in terms of overall thermo-genic effect on our body and can be quite racy. Combined properly they work great

Often problems are a combination of a couple of things. First is poor circulation, second is low energy, third is dull hormone receptors, fourth is low sex steroid production, and fifth is low production of neuro-transmitters. In TCM, it is often a combination of low kidney chi and kidney yang and poor functioning livers (liver chi congestion). Herbal medicine, diet, supplementation can do a great deal for a person with low libido. Good luck.

Harry Chrissakis, Herbalist
Herbalist and Herbs.com